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Meow All About It

Meow All About ItLife is always better when its spent with a friend, and friends can come in all shapes, sizes, and every variety of fuzziness. Since its Adopt a Cat Month this June, celebrating our feline friends out there seemed like a great way to make the most of this months blog. There are some great adoption centers in and around Cambridge, MA, and we here at 100 Memorial Drive would like to share a few with you today. After all, in adopting a cat youre giving the adorable animal a second chance at a new life. And with our pet-friendly apartments, you can easily take in a new friend today. Dont forget to be mindful when adopting. Finding shelters that prioritize the care of their animals is the best way to support local homeless animals, so keep that in mind as you seek out a new adoption. Black Cat Rescue Black-haired cats (and even dogs) are some of the most overlooked pets in shelters. This no-kill organization run out of Boston supports black cats that have been dismissed by most adoptees. In general, black cats are only half as likely to get taken in as a cat of another color. However, Black Cat rescue hopes to change that. Their all-volunteer network is giving and supportive, with dedicated foster homes hoping to save the lives of these cats and kittens both from the street and from shelters where theyve gone ignored. Check them out today! Animal Rescue League of Boston The Animal Rescue League of Boston has one mission to rescue domesticated animals and wildlife from suffering, cruelty, abandonment, and neglect. Animals rescued are then given a safe space to recover until theyre able to be adopted out to a forever home. All of the animals behavioral and medical health is screened by their on-site veterinarians and employees. You can be sure that any kitty taken in from the Rescue League is ready to be a part of a family. Their available adoptions can be viewed on their website as well! Have you had a rescue pet in your life before? Let us know your favorite experiences with the cats in your past below!