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Thrift It

Thrift It

New doesn’t always mean better. Pick up vintage records, resurrect your 90s wardrobe, or find a cute knick-knack for your bookshelf at your local thrift store this month. Thrifting is a great way to get something new (or, at least, new to you) for cheap. We know, we know — thrift stores have the reputation of displaying clothing that is frumpy, out-of-fashion, or too bright. Let go of everything you think you know about thrift stores and get ready to find clothing that is well-made, classic, and totally unique. The 100 Memorial Blog has scoured the internet looking for the best advice we could find on thrift stores. Read on to learn more.


Adjust Your Finds to Fit You


Jenn Im is a beauty vlogger who posts videos on her Clothesencounters Youtube channel. Jenn loves a good thrift and often hosts videos featuring her finds. In her Goodwill Throwback Thrift Haul, she scours the racks of her local Goodwill for classic pieces. Take her advice and adjust the pieces you really love to make them work for you — crop sweaters and skirts, cut out shoulder pads, and find unique (and stylish) patterns in the racks. You can find more of her thrifting videos here.


Look for Quality Fabrics recommends looking for quality fabrics over patterns or colors. They write, “You may fall in love with a beautiful printed garment or a beaded dress, but check to see if the fabric is in good condition...If a garment looks like it’s cracking, pulling, falling apart, or fading, it’s probably wise to leave it.”


Don’t Buy it Broken


A dress that needs to be hemmed or shoulder pads that need to be cut out are no big deal. But if your vintage finds are going to need some major work to become wearable, it might be best to skip out on the purchase. Don’t spend too much time (or money) fixing a cheap find. You can find more thrifting tips here.


Feel like thrifting? Lucky for us, there are plenty of thrift shops in Cambridge, MA. You can find a full list of thrift shops in the area here. Do you have any thrifting tips for us? Give us your best advice in the comments. Thanks for reading our post!