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Turkey Day Workout Tips

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This Thanksgiving, the 100 Memorial Drive Blog invites you to #burntheturkey. We’re not talking about burning the actual Thanksgiving Day meal that you’ve been planning. No, we’re talking about exercising.


The average American eats anywhere from 3,000 to 4,500 calories in one Thanksgiving Day meal. We thought it would be beneficial to invite residents of our Cambridge, MA apartment community to join us in exercising before and after Thanksgiving dinner. Check out the exercises that we’ve compiled and see if you want to burn the calories you intake from your turkey.


We found two workouts we’d like to focus on in today’s post. The first workout comes from Daily Burn and the second comes from Men’s Journal.


Burn Before Bird: The Thanksgiving T.U.R.K.E.Y. Workout

“The six-move circuit, created by Daily Burn 365 trainer Erika Shannon, will help you break a sweat in a flash. By interspersing killer toning moves with energizing cardio bursts, you’ll get a full-body burn in minutes flat. Do each move for one minute, alternating sides after 30 seconds during both the T-Tilt and Rear Lunge Rotations. Maintain proper form during the cardio moves — Uppercuts and Kickboxing — and make sure to keep your core tight during the Elbow-to-Knees.”


Your Turkey Day Workout

“Perform the workout up to five times per week, but no more than three days in a row. Complete one set of 8–15 reps for each exercise, resting as needed between exercises— that’s one circuit. Repeat for three to five total circuits. If the weights you have are light and the exercises feel easy, reduce your rest time and/ or try to perform each rep more slowly and with more control. If you don’t have weights, try to improvise with objects like milk or water jugs, or a backpack.”


Share your pre- and post-Thanksgiving Day workout tips by leaving a comment with your experiences. Thanks for reading!