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Unique Holiday Gifts

Unique Holiday Gifts

If you’re looking for an offbeat holiday gift that everyone will love, then look no further! At 100 Memorial, we’re hoping to help all of our residents by offering a few gift recommendations. Stop searching the busy stores in Cambridge, MA to find just another gift that everyone’s giving and check out these online options!


Tear Free Onion Goggles

Do you know someone who hates chopping onions because it makes them cry? Here’s the perfect gift for them! These goggles are made with a comfortable foam seal, perfectly blocking any smoke and cooking vapors. Help someone keep their eyes protected this holiday season by giving them a practical gift they will come to love over and over, meal after meal.



Speaking of practical, this Tube-Wringer is the answer for anyone who struggles with getting those last few ounces of toothpaste out of the tube. One reviewer went crazy for it: “I bought this as a stocking stuffer for my sister-in-law and my whole family went crazy for it! It was the sleeper hit of Christmas gifts. We spent a chunk of time Christmas finding all sorts of tubes to test this out with. It did amazing on the toothpaste in particular, leaving a crinkle in it that kept the toothpaste from flowing back. I ended up ordering one for my dad, an engineer, because he was so impressed with its usefulness.”


Balloon Dog Nightlight

“With a few puffs of air and quick twists, the balloon became a fetching friend. Nostalgia takes shape in this Pop Art-inspired lamp that will never deflate or float away (it's made of everlasting silicone). Give his hind paw a gentle squeeze to activate an internal LED that emits an ambient glow for 30 minutes at a time, making this illuminated watchdog a bright choice for a loyal nightlight.”


For our final gift recommendation, check out these adorable Sweater Mug Huggers.


Have a unique gift idea you’d like to add to our list? Share in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy holidays!