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Wake Up Cambridge The 4 Best Coffee Spots In Town

Wake Up Cambridge: The 4 Best Coffee Spots In TownWaking up is never easy sometimes all we want is five more minutes of sleep. Luckily, there have been some unbeatable innovations through the ages to help us cope with crawling out of the covers. Cambridge is home to some top coffee spots in Massachusetts. Living at 100 Memorial Drive, youre right next door to some delicious shops whose java will make taking on the day your jive. After trying out some of these coffees, youll start looking forward to morning again. Curio Coffee Considered one of the best places for coffee around town, Curio Coffee has developed a reputation of excellence. Their charming atmosphere and passionate staff make for a memorable and welcoming experience for old and new caffeine lovers alike. Their lattes are fantastic, and their liege waffles pair perfectly with any beverage of choice. Simons Coffee Shop If youre looking for a fantastic espresso drink, look no further than Simons Coffee Shop. Their incredibly affordable menu takes the cake (and coffee). Their scones and sandwiches make for a great breakfast as well especially when on the go! Cafe Luna If youre looking for a substantial breakfast to go along with your coffee, put Cafe Luna at the top of your list. Their eggs benedict is considered a staple, and the lemon ricotta pancakes get continual rave reviews. Their coffee is just as great as the savory dishes and perfectly completes any meal choice. Clover On the side of healthier pick-me-ups, Clover provides some delicious options if youre looking to avoid the heavier stuff. Theyre vegetarian friendly with great coffee to boot. If youre looking for an introduction to the third-wave coffee scene, look no further than Clover. Those are just four of the amazing coffee stops around town. Did your favorite not make the list? Leave a comment with your preferred cafe below!